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Pixel 3 Wishlist: Google needs to Implement This Features

Pixel 2 was an overall good device. Except for few things like screen burn/ blue tilt issue Pixel 2 won hearts. Smooth Android experience...

Google Pixel 3 Codenamed ‘Cherrypick’

Google has proved the excellent integration of the software and hardware on their Pixel 2 device. There some top-notch features in Google Pixel 2....

Google Is Slowly Killing The Android Brand

Android Wear is Already Gone! Google just dropped the "Android Wear" from its operating system for wearable devices, and switching to the way less complicated...

This Could be The Next Pixel Device

Google is working on the next pixel, and everyone is excited what they will come up with. In Pixel 2 they did a great...
Google Pixel january security patch update

Pixel & Pixel 2 Users Facing Lag After Installing Security Patch

Google has launched the security patch earlier this month. Google promised that they have fixed ton of security vulnerabilities in this new security patch....

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