Yet, Samsung Galaxy X to come in the market with the foldable screen. Samsung has already unveiled its foldable screen prototype at recent CES 2018 event. Now LG is in the same way but with different concept. LG has planned to make foldable smartphones that can make the tablet when you unfold them.

Samsung unveiled its prototype with the foldable screen. If we specifically talk about the prototype, you can fold the screen. But LG has a different concept. LG has planned to give the two surfaces that can fold. When you will fold it, it will work like a phone and with the unfold it will make a tablet to use.

LG’s Two Patents

LG designed two patents with the different designs. As you can see in the image below. LG has provided the two cameras on the back of the phone which are in the opposite positions. One side camera has the flash. This both side are foldable. When you fold them the device is designed such that it can display some information like time, date, place or weather.

Image: LG
Image: LG

LG has designed second patent same as the previous one but you can clearly see the difference in the pictures. LG has designed this patent shows the sliding cover on the back of the phone. When you fold the device, cover pushed to the one side and it reveals the transparent section on the right side. This sidebar section will show the time, notifications, etc.

Image: LG
Image: LG

It is confirmed that LG will release this device in future but there is no any hint that can give the information about its release date as well as the specifications of this device. We should note that solid lines show the claimed features and dotted lines show the possibility.

However, I think this is not the first patent we have seen. But we should think that the developing os these type of foldable screen smartphones, this technology is not so far. So what you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.



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