World’s Smallest 1 TB USB-C Flash-drive Unveiled by SanDisk




When it comes to the storage hardware, SanDisk is the well known. SanDisk has launched so many quality storage products in the market. Now, SanDisk has unveiled the 1 TB USB-C Flash-Drive that will take only small space in your bag and carry tons of data.

SanDisk has unveiled prototype of its new 1 TB USB-C flash drive which will store lot more and take a small space in your bag. This new USB-C Flashdrive is not an officially launched. This small piece of flash drive is just a prototype. According to the SanDisk report the FlashDrive tester found this miniature piece is working perfectly.

Well, for now SanDisk has not unveiled any type of date of availability for this small attractive piece of tech. Furthermore, they have also not shared any kind of information regarding the price.

With this SanDisk has also unveiled another storage hardware. There is not any availability information of 1 TB Flashdrive and furthermore, SanDisk has launched the 256 GB USB flashdrive which named as a SanDisk Ultra-Fit.

Well, this small Ultra-Fit can hold up to 10 hours of full HD video, 14,000 photos, 16,000 songs and still there is 64GB remaining. It will come with the USB 3.1 standard that will provide you lightning fast transfer speeds.



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