Orange Planning to Try 5G Network in Europe




We all are now living in the 4G network which is the super fast generation of the internet. But the experiments are not stopped yet. the Orange company is planning to test out the fifth generation network in Europe over this year 2018.

There was an event in the home city where the company said that they are going to trial the 5G network in Europe in this year and that should bring the mobile service providers of the Paris close to commercializing. As the company claims that they will try this new fifth-generation network in the Douai and Lille. However, yet the date is not unveiled by the Orange company because still their process is not approved by the French Telecom Regulator ARCEP. But it is in the queue.

The Orange company is mainly aiming at the wireless network technology which is used by the people for different applications. The Orange company has everything set to perform the 5G based broadband in Romania with the Samsung and Cisco. The company claims that their experiment is going to take place in the second half of the year 2018.

We can hope the 5G network in the year 2019 or lastly in the year 2020. However, as we all know there are no smartphones out their support the 5G network. All you can use is the 4G network. So we should obviously wait for it. The upcoming networks will definitely support the 4G but it should also support the 5G wireless networks that allow the users to use the technology that the Orange company is going to unveil.

The Orange company claims that they are planning to install the antennas in the year 2020 in Europe. Well, here the company has given a hint to the peoples that their trials can run in the 2019 but it will definitely get end by the year 2020.




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