Top 8 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks You Should Use in 2018




WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application in the world. Everyone loves to use because of its simple user interface and simple to use. There are lots of applications available in the Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Although, no one wants to even give them a trial. WhatsApp is now the place where millions of users exchange messages with their friends.

Well, with the time there are lots of improvements WhatsApp is getting. However, some of the features might be not using you all because you even don’t know about that. So here are that Top 8 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks That You Should Obviously Be Using in 2018.

I have made a quick list of that all 8 tricks so it will help you to cover up quickly all things and also if some of them you know then you can skip.

Quick Look

  1. Message Unsend
  2. Apply Filter in Photos Before You Add Them to Your Stories
  3. Send Message Using Siri or Google Assistant
  4. Turn On Two-Step Verification to Keep Your Messages More Secured
  5. Hide Your Stories from People You Want Without Blocking Them
  6. Report Spam any Contact
  7. Share Live Location
  8. Read Anyone’s Message Anonymously

01. Message Unsend

WhatsApp has been added this feature a few months ago. This feature is the WhatsApp’s most using feature by everyone. You can now unsend the message you have sent to your friend or any family member by mistake. But there are some requirements. You can Unsend the message in 7 minutes. The message which is older than 7 minutes you cannot unsend.

To do so, Select the message and tap on delete. It will prompt the two options. Select Delete for Everyone. That’s it. The person will see “This Message Has Been Deleted“. This feature also works in the WhatsApp group.

02. Apply Filter in Photos Before You Add Them to Your Stories

Everyone loves the story feature. This trend was developed by the Snapchat first. After that Instagram and Facebook have followed this trend. People love to use this Story to share photos of their different activities. The main reason is its life. Your story automatically gets deleted from their server in next 24 hours.

WhatsApp has some interesting feature for story lovers now. They give some interesting filter that you can apply in your photo before you add them in stories. However, they are in very small numbers but they have added exactly filters as per users requirements. Use them and make your photos look stunning.

03. Send Message Using Siri or Google Assistant

Apple and Google have made everything simple. If you want to search something on google just ask your dear Assistance. He/She will show the perfect results. From the last few months, they became very intelligent. However comparing Siri and Google Assistance, they have their own different abilities. But you can send messages to WhatsApp using both.

To do the same, Say this way to your assistant Hey Siri/Google, Send [Your Message] to [Contact Name] on WhatsApp. That’s it. You can now send any message without typing it to anyone on WhatsApp.

04. Turn On Two-Step Verification to Keep Your Messages More Secured

Many people want to keep their chats from others. However, there is no other way to keep your chats secure using WhatsApp’s Two-Step Verification. WhatsApp has added this feature to keep your chat safe. Let’s have a look at how it works.

If you have lost your number and someone is using it he/she also can give a try to make an account on WhatsApp using that number. If you have not deleted your account on WhatsApp then he will get all your chats on his device in WhatsApp even he can send the messages.

In this case, this Two-Step verification helps. I personally use this feature and I also give you all advice to keep it turned on. Just enter your email and set the code for Two-Step Verification.

To turn it on Go to Settings> Account> Two-Step Verification and Turn it on.

05. Hide Your Stories from People You Want Without Blocking Them

As I said earlier you are also one of them who adds lots of photos of your daily activities in your WhatsApp stories to share moments with your friends. Well, in order to don’t show stories to your all friends or family members you can hide it from some selected contacts. For this, you don’t have to block them.

It is stupidly easy to do. First of all, Go on Story Screen> Tap on Privacy> Select My Contacts Except> Select Contacts from them you want to hide your story. They will no longer be able to see it.

06. Report Spam any Contact

WhatsApp is now huge messaging application. Many people joining it. In order to keep their application clean and remove the spammers, they have added “Report Spam” button in their app. So if anyone sending you annoying messages you can Report against that contact in WhatsApp if they will get more requests of Spammer, they will directly delete that number from WhatsApp. Make sure when you will Report, that contact will no longer be able to send the message to you in future.

For that, Go in Contact Details (Profile) by Tapping on Contact Name> Tap on Report Spam.

07. Share Live Location

You can now share actual location on WhatsApp which changes with time and shows the exact location of yours to the receiver. It is called the live location. Live location shows your exact location and varies with your own location. You can use this feature to track yourself by someone. It is very simple to send this location to your friends.

To send the Live Location Tap on Attach Button> Location> Share Live Location> Ok.

That’s it. The location has been sent.

08. Read Anyone’s Message Anonymously

The last the one is the reading anyone’s message anonymously. It is possible to read anyone’s message without giving a blue sign on their double tick mark. In some cases this feature I think it is very usefull.

For that you have to go into Settings> Privacy> Turn Off Read Receipts. Turning off this feature will never send the Blue Tick sign to other people. They will not get the sign of blue tick and with that, they will no longer be able to decide have you read the message or not.



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