We all have heard about the Adobe Flash Player service. Adobe Flash Player is a tool which helps to stream any video, audio or any multimedia application online. Because it is necessary for the streaming it is obvious that it always stays in the contact with the internet.

When it comes to the hackers, it is easy to install any malicious bugs in the victim’s computer via fake Adobe Flash player notification and the similar thing is happening nowadays with the Flash Player users. In the recent times, Adobe noted the critical code that helps hackers to get access to victim’s system and operate it remotely. As per Adobe claims this remote code exists in Flash Player and its earlier versions.

This new vulnerability exists on the Flash Player not only affects Windows computer but it also capable to affect the Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS. This vulnerability is known as the CVE-2018-4878. Adobe has listed out the software names who contains the critical code which is as follows.

According to the Adobe, with this remote code hackers attack the victim’s computer by showing the Flash content. But this attack is not only bounded within that. Hackers can also attack the victim’s computer by sending any attachments in the emails. Therefore to keep the users safe Adobe recommend to enable the protection in their browser and if the user downloads any content any document in their device then open it in the Protected view of Microsoft.

Adobe promises to release another patch for their Flash Player for users. So until that they requesting to disable the Flash Player service. Well, as we all know Adobe has already announced that Adobe Flash player will disappear from everywhere after 2020. But until that let’s see how well it performs.