Amazon Now to Overtake Microsoft in its Market Value




According to the recent records Amazon has made its revenue by the 45% in the fourth quarter of 2017. I think that is not a shocking news. Looking for its services it includes firstly Amazon Shopping website, Amazon firestick, Amazon Prime videos, etc. All these are the sources from where they earn.

But it looks like the last quarter of 2017 was extremely good time for Amazon. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Amazon earnings grew by the 38%. You might all have heard a news approximately couple of months ago that Amazon is now earning even more. Well, the recent reports claim that the total earning of the Amazon in the last four months is $60.5 billion. This might be the new peak they just touched the first time. Now, Amazon is soon to overtake the giant Microsoft company.

With the earning of the last quarter of 2017, according to the reports, Amazon shares also got the rise and they went up by the 3.7%. Whereas the Microsoft shares went down by the 2%. In the last 12 months, amazon shares have risen near to the 74% which is 24% more than the Microsoft’s shares. This everything became possible because of the good service that Amazon providing. As I said earlier that includes the Amazon Shopping, Amazon Prime Videos, Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Amazon Alexa, etc.

One another thing I want to mention that Amazon always brings good season sell for its customers and I think this might be the big reason why its customers love to buy the products. We all know season sell are having big discounts on every product.



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