Android Malware Spotted: Targeted More than 232 Banking Apps Including 12 Indian Banks




Nowadays, Hackers are releasing the malware via different platforms especially including links in messaging applications and emails. The threat of the malware and viruses are becoming more and more dangerous as well as serious in recent times. A couple of days back, hackers have stolen approximately 6,00,000 users data from the fake Uber app. If we talk about the targeted users, 95 out of hundred people were Android device users.

Apart from this, recently the trojan virus called “Android.banker.A9480” has been spotted which is targeting most of the banking apps once it gets space on your android device. As per the mentioned in the Quick Heal Security Lab reports, this trojan virus mainly attacks the currency related apps which mostly includes the Banking apps and Cryptocurrency apps.

When this trojan virus gets entered on the android device it first finds the banking apps. Once done, it sneaks into user login data, SMS and contact lists and it automatically send them to a malicious server. Thus, this virus has targeted over 232 banking apps and from it, 12 banks are from India. The malware spreads itself in form of a fake Flash player app from third-party stores.

Once you install the fake flash player app on your device, the hacker’s self-made server send the notification that asks to activate administrative rights. If you click later on that prompt, the server sends it again until the rights are activated. Until that, the app keeps running in the background. It checks for banking apps. When it finds the app, it sends fake notification created same as a banking app UI and if the user opens the notifications, they see a fake login screen that asks to enter User ID and Password.

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According to the Quick Heal Lab report, these are the following 12 Indian banking apps that got targeted by this trojan Android.banker.A9480 virus.

  • IDBI Bank GO Mobile
  • HDFC Bank MobileBanking
  • iMobile by ICICI Bank
  • Union Bank Mobile Banking
  • SBI Anywhere Personal
  • Axis mobile
  • HDFC Bank MobileBanking LITE
  • IDBI Bank GO Mobile+
  • Abhay by IDBI Bank Ltd
  • IDBI Bank mPassbook
  • Baroda mPassbook
  • Union Bank Commercial Clients



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