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Android phones are way more customizable than you think. It’s not always coming with all useful features pre-enable. You need to try that and enable it yourself if you like that. Here are some tricks that might help you to improve your privacy or increase your performance.

1. Move Adressbar to the Bottom in Chrome

It is easy to reach when the address bar is at the bottom instead of the top. I used to access address bar at the top but once I tried I felt like it is easy to access and also operation is faster.

To Enable it, go to chrome and type chrome://flags here find chrome home and enable it now just restart the Chrome browser and you will see address bar at the bottom.

2. Disable Specific Application to Run in Background

This is a really great feature to save up some of your battery. What this features basically do is it will stop application which is running in the background when the device is in sleep. As it stops apps working in the background, you might not get notification from particular apps that you disable.

To Enable it, To do so, open Settings > Battery. Tap the three-dot overflow menu button. Select Doze and app hibernation. Tap the app you would like to exclude and select Don’t optimize.

3. Remove Personalized Ads

As you all know that Google keeps an eye on whatever you do to show relevant ads to you. For example, if you are searching for a camera on your pc then there might be the chance that you see that ad on your mobile phone. But in Android O there is one option, using that you can remove google ads.

To Enable option,

Open Settings then Navigate to Google > Ads. Enable Opt out of Ads Personalization. There you have it.

4. Hide Sensitive Content from HomeScreen

If you care about privacy and security then this feature is for you. In Android 5.0 and later version you can directly access notifications from home screen and you can hide that by leading to the setting.

To Enable it, You need to apply screen lock first. After that Open Settings > Notifications. Tap the cog icon on the upper-right of the screen. Tap On the lock screen. Select Hide sensitive notification content.

5.  Enable Instant Application

You can use any application from the PlayStore without installing them. This feature was only for Android Oreo but now Google also proving this feature to other Android Systems.

This feature is disabled by default and you can enable it by hitting setting. Just Open Settings > Google. Enable Instant Apps. Tap Yes, I’m in to confirm. And you’re good to go.

Using this setting you can improve your privacy, get a better battery life or enhance your everyday Android experience. Which feature or settings that you liked most and you’re gonna be using it in future Let us know in comments below.



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