Approximately a few weeks ago we have shared a news of the Apple iPhone that was exploded in the Chinese Pawn Shop and now recently another iPhone got the massive explosion in the Vietnam Hair Salon. Apple is especially known for its quality product. Apple provides the top-notch quality in their products no matter what it is.

The iPhone got the massive blast in the hair salon however as per the report of the DailyMail there were no any people got harmed by this explosion. When iPhone exploded, the moment of explosion captured by the shop CCTV camera. Here’s a full video of the whole incident shows the explosion of the iPhone.

As you can see in the video the woman is in the chair and having a haircut in the salon. Behind here there are two persons. Because the explosion happened just under the CCTV camera it couldn’t capture the device however according to the report of DailyMail it was iPhone 6. You can clearly see the huge flame created by the explosion in the CCTV footage.

When the incident happened, there was a female worker near it. Luckily she doesn’t get harmed. She moves few feet back from the phone and the man runs near the explosion to check it out. However, after the explosion they managed to make a short video the exploded iPhone and it clearly shows that it was iPhone. But I am a little bit confused in between iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Everything has been captured by their salon camera.