Best Android Launchers in 2018




Launchers are the important part of any mobile phone. There is a pre-installed launcher available in a smartphone but it’s not customizable or not smooth. So, We bring 6 best launchers that got attention in 2018.

We are dividing launchers into 3 categories for convenient.

  1. Lightweight & Easy to use
  2. Customization
  3. Mixer of Both

Lightweight & Easy to Use Launchers

#1. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is lightweight and its very simple to use. Few gestures make it fast to access any apps. It allows double tap to put it to sleep or wake it up. If you don’t like gestures then you can turn on or off.

You can also customize grid size in this launcher. There are few customizations available and it’s lightweight so you should definitely try out this launcher.

Download Evie Launcher

#2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is a great option if you don’t like Evie launcher. You might be wrong if you think this launcher is just like the Microsoft’s windows mobiles.

It has a lot of features like a clean dock, gestures, clean app drawer and easy to find apps. So it’s worth trying this launcher.

Download Microsoft Launcher

Best Customization Launcher

#1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is always mentioned in any best launcher because it’s the best customization launcher available for Android platform. You can change the complete look of the Android. It supports a lot of features like dock size, verticle or horizontal menu bar, multiple docks, googles search bar position, googles news, and many more.

So Nova launcher is worth trying if you haven’t yet. It’s a free version but if you want more features like gestures and unread count badges then you can go for the premium version which ain’t that pricey.

Download Nova Launcher

#2. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is very popular on market. This launcher is quick,  Quicktheme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Quickbar. Action launcher determines what you need to be done to get quick access to any app.

Action launcher already started Android P integration in their launcher and it will be available for the users in few weeks. Developer providing updates quickly.

Download Action Launcher

Worth Considering Launcher

#1. Blackberry Launcher: Best Launcher for Business

Blackberry made a comeback a few years ago. Blackberry launcher is also available for free in google play store. The launcher is pretty quick, There are not a lot of features like a nova but it’s worth trying once. This launcher is said to be the best for the business. Let us know what you think about this launcher.

Download Blackberry Launcher

#2. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is there for a while but it jumped from Smart Launcher 3 to 5 recently. Smart Launcher 3 was really good with good amount of features. Smart Launcher 5 has also some good features like Nova but not all the features. Widget placement, Gestures, double tap shortcuts and many more. This launcher is worth trying.

Download Smart Launcher



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