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From the different ways to root your Android device, using Magisk is probably the most preferred one. And I know you like to play with your smartphone by installing Magisk modules. Rooting your Android device using Magisk is a systemless method. That means it doesn’t actually change the Android’s system partition.

If you are using any baking application in your Android device then Magisk lets you hide your device root status from those apps. Further, it also makes the whole uninstallation process simpler.

I am here with the 10 best Magisk modules for your Android device to get most out of them.

First, How to Install and Uninstall Magisk Modules?

If you have not already set up the Magisk on your Android device then check out our guide. It will make easy for you to install Magisk and root your Android device.

Alright, if everything ready then first let us take a look on how to install Magisk modules to play with your Android device software and get most out of it.

Installing Magisk Module

  1. Open Magisk. Slide the sidebar on screen by tapping on the three lines located left side upper corner.
  2. Tap on the Downloads. You will see tons of Magisk modules available to download and use them. You can search one for your self by tapping on the search icon located over the right side upper corner.
  3. To install Magisk module, click on the download icon next to the module name.
  4. You should get a dialogue box on screen from where you have to choose, install.
  5. It will take a little bit of time to get downloaded and installed on your device. Once the installation starts, you will get the black screen and after finishing it, choose Reboot.

Removing Magisk Modules

  1. To remove Magisk module, slide the sidebar on the screen by tapping on three lines located on the left side upper corner.
  2. Go into Modules. You will see all the installed Magisk modules there.
  3. To uninstall Magisk modules, the tap on the Uninstall button next to the module name.

Magisk Modules

Do make sure I haven’t attached any download link here. Because you have to install it by yourself by doing a manual search using our guide mentioned above.

1. GBoard Themes

Message from Developer [February 20, 2018]: As we got message from the developer this magisk module has been discountinued. It is not available any more on any site. Also, their official Telegram channel and group has been closed. So, we urge you for not to trust any other third-party ZIP file, just in case if you download from any third-party website.

There is no doubt that people using Google keyboard most. Google provides some limited quantity of themes. But with the Gboard themes Magisk module, you can apply various skins on Google keyboard.

Once you install this module, simply go to Settings -> System -> Language & Input -> GBoard -> Theme -> Select the color you want to apply.

2. Cloudflare DNS

We are living in a world where everyday new dazzling technology takes place. While the internet world is quite risky all the time. The Cloudflare offers privacy-focused public DNS that let’s prevent your ISPs from tracking your web history and also promises to load websites faster. While there are so many ways to set up this DNS. But, the one that makes everything simple is the Magsk module. This module will installed Cloudflare DNS on your device systemlessly.

3. Viper4Android FX

Majority of smartphones having custom UI atop Android comes with the inbuilt sound equalizer. However, you might don’t feel the improved sound quality after using them. The Viper4Android FX is the best application to equalize your phone sound. After installing this module in your device, you will be able to boost the bass, optimize the phone speaker, also, you can make it even loud then it is now.

4. YouTube Vanced

Unlike the regular YouTube application, YouTube Vanced will help you to get rid of the ads on YouTube. Not only that, but it will also bring the background play feature. So, with this Magisk Module, you will be able to play any video in the background even with the screen turned off of your device. It’s like you are using YouTube Premium.

5. Google Product Sans

Obviously, default font makes you feel bored on your device. With the Android Pie update, Google has now pushed new Product Sans fonts which indeed feels funky. But, what!? Of course, you can download and apply on your device as well by installing Magisk module named ‘Google Product Sans’. Just search for it and install it. Once it installed, simply reboot your device.

Also, in bonus, there is another similar module named ‘OnePlus Slate Font Systemless‘ which also provides your the same font and you can install through downloads tab.

6. iOS 12.X Emojis

Android will never add support for the iPhone like emojis. And I know people often ask us on how to get iPhone like emojis. Because they look more realistic and cute. So, with this Magisk module, you can get all iOS emojis on your Android device. It will completely change the visual emojis as well as the keyboard emojis. You can follow us our detailed guide on this topic here.

7. GPU Turbo Boost

PUBG lover? Well, gaming is the biggest industry right now. And how we can forget some of the best games like PUBG, Fortnite and Asphalt 9, require the high GPU to play without any lag. Let’s forget high-end smartphones. Of course, you will get everything you want in them. But if you have a mid-range device and you want to play games without lag, that would be great if you push device GPU. And to do so, we will use GPU Turbo Boost. It will increase the GPU power by up to 75% while playing the game. Also, it will reduce power consumption by 25%.

8. App Systemizer

As the name suggests, App Systemizer is used to playing with the system applications installed on your Android device. Third-party installed (by smartphone manufacturer) applications cannot be uninstalled, they can only be disabled. With the App Systemizer Magisk module, you can uninstall all of those applications. It will convert third-party installed applications into a system app.

9. CrossBreeder Lite

CrossBreeder Lite is Magisk module that I can say, a bundle of different optimizations done for the Android device. It is aimed to improve battery life and reduce lags or stutters on your device. While the developer says the result vary by device. But indeed you should give a shot to this module if you want to get more juice from your device battery.

10. Camera2API Enabler

I think Google Camera is everyone’s, first love. With the new Pixel 3 device, Google has added tons of different changes and the most exciting one is Night Sight. With the Camera2API enabled device, you can enjoy all of these features if there is Google Camera available for your phone. Yes, you can enable Camera2API using alternate manual methods by setting up values. But, this will bypass all of those steps. Simply install the module and that’s all!

Well, I have already enabled Camera2API without using this module so, I haven’t attached any screenshot.


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