Biggest Leak in History: Key Apple Source Code Leaked on GitHub




GitHub is the best platform for everything about codes. This might be the shocking news for you all that’s because you may not have heard about such type of leaks in the past in Apple history.

Recently, a person uploaded the ‘Key Source Code’ of an iOS operating system which Apple uses for their core components, on GitHub. This may be the biggest leak in the Apple history. As per mentioned in the report of the Motherboard, this code could pave the way to the security researchers and hackers to find out the vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system and also easily jailbreak them.

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According to the report, this code is named as an iBoot. The name is given by its work. When you turn on your iPhone, this code takes place to load everything on your device. It loads and verifies the installed kernel is accurately signed by the Apple and then it executes it. The researchers found that some part of this code is still Apple using the iOS 11. However, the whole code was used in the iOS 9.

One Screenshot from the Source Code. Image: Motherboard

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Jonathan Levin – one author who has written the book on iOS and Mac OSX internals said – “This is the biggest leak in history. The code appears to be the real iBoot code because it aligns with the code he reverses engineered himself. In between this another security researcher said they believe the code is real. We don’t know who is behind the leak. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

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After all, this Apple has taken action on this. As an action, Apple has sent the legal notice to the GitHub to take this code down from their Platform. In the notice, Apple writes that the iBoot source code is proprietary and it includes Apple’s copyright notice. It is not open-source. With this notice, Apple has given a little hint. The source code was real. It was the exact code which was used by the Apple in their iOS 9 and some portion Apple still using in iOS 11.

This is the major leak found in the Apple history. With this code, hackers can easily find vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system and they can easily target the victims to decrypt the data from their iPhones. In addition, they also help the security researchers.




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