Samsung Press Conference (Full Version)

CES2018 Samsung Press Conference, Samsung didn’t announce any new smartphone or any other gear. They only talked about their annual report and how they are pushing Bixby to make it do more function. It is really good to see that they are improving Bixby. I know some of you guys don’t like Bixby for some obvious reason but Its good to see that they are still trying to improve something that they started.

The best thing Samsung talked about is the new technology display. Micro LED seems like OLED without the organic compound which will eventually have the same abilities as OLED but without the burn-in. It will solve the issues that OLED have. burn in/blue shift is a major issue with OLED panels but this macro LED will solve all the problems that OLED have.

Samsung will probably use this panel on its 2020 Smartphone. We are really excited to see some new display technology on new Samsung smartphones.

Samsung will release their new phones which is Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus in MWC 2018 which will be held in February-March 2018.  They announced this in a live conference for more details on what they announced you can watch the video.