Don’t Unfollow, Just Mute Account on Instagram: New Feature




New Instagram features are coming to light every morning. Earlier we have seen Instagram now allows many people to share your post in their own stories. Instagram app is so talented that it automatically gives credit to whenever someone shares your post in Instagram stories. Meanwhile, Instagram introduces another new feature – Mute Profile. Yes, it sounds futuristic but in actual it is not!

Don’t Unfollow, Just Mute Account

With this new added ‘Mute Account’ feature, the user can easily stop seeing posts from that muted user on their feed and user do not have to unfollow them. Well, to introduce its new feature, Instagram says, “A tool to personalize your feed.” 

The new feature is now available in the new Instagram update which is available for both of the operating systems, Android and iOS. So, just hit the update button. To hide updates from any user, tap on three dots which are on the right side upper corner of the post. You will see ‘Mute’ button in the dialogue box. Where you will find two options. Either you can mute only posts, stories or both, posts as well as stories.

The feature is already live on famous social platforms Twitter and Facebook. This both platforms allows their users to hide updates from any particular account without breaking the relationship or any connections. With this feature, you can stop seeing those irritating pictures from your friends without letting them know. You do not have to unfollow them and this might be the great thing.

Let me know in the comment section, what you are thinking about this feature.



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