Many smartphone makers now following the trend of the bezel-less device. Every company has made unique designs of their smartphone keeping eye on full screen to body ratio. If we go backward the first bezel-less device was probably released by the Xiaomi called Xiaomi Mi Mix. After that, so many other brands have launched their device in the same form factor of the Bezel-less. The most recent one is iPhone X. Still, there are more to come in the market.

Okay, apart from this all discussion the Doogee which is a local smartphone brand in Spain has already launched their bezel-less devices available in the market. This company is coming with another fully bezel-less device called Doogee Demos. Well, this is not any type of rumor if you think. Doogee has already uploaded a video by their own self on YouTube shows the complete idea of their upcoming device.

Doogee has planned a different design. They are planning to give a slider which is attached to the front as per shown in a video. This device has been split into two different layers or we can say plates and with this plates, the phone really looks like a thin Sandwich.

This brand has not decided to join the “notch” trend like iPhone X and Essential. The slider on the back can slide up and down. You will find the front camera, back camera and other all stuff on the slider. The slider can move in the upward direction. I will love this phone definitely after all it has 98% screen which is fully bezel-less. Another function that Doogee should include which is camera app. When the slider goes up the camera app should open automatically by itself. Think of that. That can reduce the human effort as well save lots of time. But maybe this is not possible and the main reason is the other functions.