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There were so many rumors out there regarding Facebook dislike button. Well, it can come in the future but for now, Facebook is trying its new upcoming button. It will be named as a ‘Downvote‘. You should not say it ‘Dislike‘ button by any means. Here’s everything you should know about the Facebook’s upcoming ‘Downvote’ button.

Facebook going to implement the ‘Downvote’ button on their platform. Today, the screenshots gone viral on the Twitter represents the Facebook ‘Downvote’ button. As far as this feature concerned, Facebook planning to put this feature live only on the comments of the public posts. This feature seems like the same as the Reddit’s Upvote and Downvote feature.

There is no news about when it will be available publicly but it is now confirmed that Facebook has already started to try this feature. Talking about its working nature then it will slightly work with the different idea then the Reddit. When user will tap on the ‘Downvote’ button, Facebook will hide the comment for their user and as usual, Facebook will ask the same question when you report against some misleading photos. Is it “Offensive,” “Off-Topic,” or “Misleading,” etc. The user has to choose any one option.

Meanwhile screenshots, one Facebook spokesperson writes — “We are not testing a dislike button. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the US only.

If you are Redditor then you might know very well that Upvote and Downvote buttons are really a game changer. It helps the platform to gather the data about every single activity and perform the relevant action on that. The similar way to the Facebook it could help the users to send out the irrelevant activity notification by pressing the ‘Downvote’ button.



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