Etherium is Now Second Largest Cryptocurrency After the Bitcoin




After the Bitcoin, Etherium is in the second place which is the largest cryptocurrency. In the modern time, we all have seen the price of single Bitcoin. It is on the top level in cryptocurrency market. The value of Bitcoin had reached to the sky from the last couple of weeks. Comparing to the Bitcoin all other cryptocurrencies are on the steady growth.

In between them, recently Etherium got a speed in its rates which are impressive. The price of the 1 Etherium (ETH) hit $440 for the first time in November 2017. This record is broken by the recently increased price which is passed through $1,000 in January 2018. Though the price was 1 ETH crossed $800 in December 2017.

etherium second largest crypto currency
Pic: Mashable

Etherium is slowly gearing up its price. It will be interesting to see how long time does it take to cross the Bitcoin in future. Etherium became the Second largest cryptocurrency nowadays because of its rates. However, why the price got this type of so much hike, the reason behind it, is still unknown. However, if we believe on the recent reports, Ethereum could be rising because its co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently released two subsidy schemes and due to that the third-party developers should encourage with the Etherium cryptocurrency to solve its current scalability issues.

From the last couple of week comparing to the Etherium hike, the other cryptocurrencies have not the good time for now. Just in last 24 hours, the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin got down by 8%.



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