Facebook Account Deleted? Facebook is Still Tracking You Through Other Apps!

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Cambridge Analytica got unauthorized access to the Facebook server and misused 50 million users data! And we just learned #deletefacebook. This is a real joke. In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg said right, “People are really an idiot. They trust us and sharing all that sensitive information.” Facebook knows almost everything about you. Your address, your phone number, your friends, everything.

Now, it is definitely notable that people are learning about the risk to use such social networking platforms and they are deleting/deactivating their account from the Facebook. But, it is not that easy to left Facebook behind. It is still tracking you and collecting data of yours. Yes, you read write. The well-known Ad blocker company AdGuard made a detailed report of the process that Facebook uses to collect user’s data.

According to the report of AdGuard, even if users have deactivated their Facebook account and even if they have deleted a Facebook application from their devices, Facebook still collects the data about their activities. Facebook does this from Facebook Audience Network Advertising Partners. Facebook is quite smart. According to AdGuard, Facebook collects all these data from the other third-party application installed on user’s smartphone or used previously. Facebook uses such application to show ads. The advertisement can be linked to your identity. Facebook does this with help of the other data from its server. Surprisingly AdGuard researchers found that this data can be easily accessed by the other untrusted third-party applications and they can sell them.

For all of those who do not know what is Facebook Audience Network: Audience Network Helps developer to monetize the application. In which Facebook analyze the people to shows some targeted ads on the screen. On the developer side, it shows the analytics which developer can use to analyze his/her application usage and serving ads. To serve ads, developer allows Facebook for the User Assessment under which Facebook can collect the user data from the developer’s application. Surprisingly it can collect data even if you have not chosen an option “Log in with Facebook.

Well, the Facebook terms also confirm the same thing.

AdGuard found Facebook can collect all the private information such as Google Advertising ID and Unique ID which is provided by Google Play Services. Furthermore, it can also track your activities you are performing in the third-party applications. The most surprising is that it can also reveal your device’s IP address. And you are done. It can easily help other to reveal your device location.

AdGuard has performed its research on the various platforms and here they have unveiled top 10 platforms which track most of the data of the user. What does that mean, you should end up the use of such platforms? Nope! The answer is quite simple. We all are living in the world where we always keep our self-connected with the internet. So, you should not share your sensitive information with such platforms like do not share your passwords on chats because it goes on that app server, do not share your address, your private details.



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