Facebook Advertisers can Get Your Mobile Number Due to The Bug




Every single person in this world probably has the Facebook account. The huge social network Facebook has now millions of account on it which is the world’s third largest website getting more visitors. Facebook has recently added some unique feature. Okay, we all know its messanger application and why not Facebook has made it necessary to chat with contacts.

Facebook is making its platform even more better and secure. In order to do that Facebook is now not recommend its messanger application for the children (below 13 year). But they have recently found the another way. We have seen that Facebook has recently launched the Children Messanger which is associated with their parents account who can see all the chat.

When it comes to the private data of users, Facebook promises that all data are secured on their server. But not this time. Recently, there was a data flaw from the Facebook. According to the reports, the huge social network giant Facebook now facing the data leak of the phone number. Due to this data flow the person who advertises on the Facebook can get access for the everyone’s phone numbers. However, it was not a simple flaw, as per the report suggests their server was asking for the email addresses whom phone number they want to get.

This vulnerability was found by the one team of the researchers. In order to find this massive data flaw in the Facebook, they was rewarded by the $5000 bu the huge social network Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook has solved this problem in the December.

Some Facebook users who always believe in this type of data leakage, not added their numbers in this huge social network Facebook. However, in modern time every young generation is using Facebook. But always keep your sensitive details private. If it is not necessary to share with anyone, don’t share it.



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