Firefox Facebook Container Extension Prevents User From Being Tracking




#DeleteFacebook moment hit the headlines. Every people including big entrepreneurs are ditching the Facebook platform. However, they are certain ways that Facebook is still using to track the user. Those include the third-party application which you are using on your Android device and you have given permission to track your activity. Mozilla has taken its step to prevent its firefox user from being tracked by the Facebook.

Mozilla released its new extension for its Firefox browser. That will help the user to keep its activities private and makes hard to track the user. The extension named as a Facebook Container which is freely available on their extension’s store.

It is pretty simple to understand the technique used in this extension. When you turn on Facebook Container extension, it essentially makes the users’ Facebook profile hidden from the other websites. So, users’ data won’t get the way to go to that website server. When the extension is activated it automatically changes the browser tab in blue color. It will keep doing remind the user that users’ Facebook data is isolated from their recent activity. And you are done. Due to this new Mozilla Firefox extension, Facebook will not be able to collect all of your data from sites you visit on Firefox browser.

Just a suggestion: Facebook collects all of the users’ data to show relevant ads, under its  Facebook Audience Network Programme.

Once you install this extension on Mozilla browser, it automatically clears all the older cookies and logs created by the Facebook. So, whenever you visit the Facebook with the activated extension it opens it in the new blue colored window. You can call it as a container tab. So, if the user does the browsing on another website, it will prevent the Facebook from collecting your activity log.

Definitely, it suggests us that Mozilla’s this decision follows the Cambridge Analytica scandal. They have misused 50 Million users data by the unauthorized access to the Facebook data server. Mozilla has suspended its advertisement from the Facebook platform and launched new Facebook Container for their Firefox browser. Mozilla says, “It does not collect data from your use of the Facebook Container extension. We only know the number of times the extension is installed or removed.”



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