Firefox Quantum New Update Provides 24×7 Tracking Protection




Have you ever think that you can get tracked by the websites? Well, this is necessary as well but some website developer may use it to get the evil things done. When it comes to the piracy, websites always tracks your location in most of the cases and that’s why you should use virtual private network in your device.

Mozilla Firefox is now one of the speedy browsers out there. Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum back in November 2017.

Now, Mozilla has released it’s new update — Firefox 58. There are so many improvements you will find but the most stunning feature is tracking protection. The all new Firefox 58 will provide you 24×7 tracking protection.

In the previous version you have been using the ‘Private Browsing’ say incognito mode in order to get rid from the tracking your location. In incognito mode, when this feature was unabled, it helps to prevent the the trackers by blocking ads, analytics trackers and it also hides the social share button. These all three things generally records the user behavior.

Well, this new update will now give the ON and OFF switch in regular mode too. So it will work same as the incognito mode. This feature was first introduced by the Mozilla in their Firefox in 2015. With this update Firefox claims that web pages loads even more faster when this ‘Tracking Protection‘ is disabled. You should use it only when you are worrying about tracking location.

To turn on the ‘Tracking Protection’ simply you have to go into Preferences> Privacy> Security. The dialogue box should appear on your computer’s screen. Select ‘Always’ under the tracking protection.

So what do you think about this new feature? Let us know in the comment section.



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