If we talk about any video streaming we always remember YouTube. YouTube is the huge platform where you can share videos and you can watch videos for free on your smartphone. Nowadays there are many smartphones out there gives the inbuilt multitasking feature. Using this you can play YouTube video in the background, however, this is not possible on every device.

It is very easy to watch any YouTube video using Picture in Picture. So let’s have a look how to do that.

01. Download App and Install It

To watch any YouTube video in Picture-in-Picture mode you have to download one application. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require the rooted device. The application name is FlyTube. I have attached the link below.


02. Open App

Once it gets installed on your Android device open the app. It will ask for clear defaults and you have to do the same. Tap on clear defaults and it will automatically clear all the defaults from your device.

03. Set this App as A Default

To use this application to enable the picture in picture mode for YouTube you also need to set this application as a default from settings. Go to Settings and find this application in application manager and set this app as a default.

04. Come Back to App

Come back to the application and tap on Next and Done.

05. Perfect!

You have done a good job. Now, whenever you will see a link in any application or messaging app it will automatically play the YouTube video in Picture-in-Picture mode.

This application as some extra features. The best thing about this app that I personally like is the opening of YouTube videos automatically in Picture-in-Picture mode. Now you can also enjoy the YouTube videos while playing games, chatting with some or while doing another work on your smartphone.