Good News: iOS 11 Users will be Able to Disable CPU Slowdown in Next iOS Update




Apple facing lawsuits on it from the last couple of months. There was a bad public reaction to their new update that consumes more battery and slowing down the older iPhone chipsets. Because of that Apple had to issue a statement regarding avoiding this problem in their older iPhone generations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has now officially decided to give the option to avoid this problem in their future iOS update. As he said their team has now added an option to their new iOS 11 update that lets you turn off the CPU slowdown. According to the Tim Cook statement, this update officially scheduled for March 2018.

With this newly added feature, this new future update of iOS 11 will show the health of the iPhone Battery and as Tim Cook said the results will be very very transparent. It will show the exact health battery so that users can know the health and take the proper action on it.

Sometimes iPhone gets the unexpected shutdown while using it. This new update will now inform the users with more clear details whenever their iPhones will reduce its performance automatically. Details will include what are the reasons for reduced performance.

This all features are not necessary to use but they are recommended by the Apple CEO Tim Cook. Their team has provided the switch in the iOS 11 new future update using that you can turn off this features. However, as Tim Cook says “I don’t recommend to use the switch to turn the throttle off.”




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