Google is More Serious About Making its Own ‘gChips’




Google is now getting more serious about making its own chips. Yet another start by Google of homemade chips. There is no doubt that the company is making efforts for in-house chips from the past couple of month.

A new report from Reuters suggests Google has already hired 16 expert engineers with four talent recruiters to come over its homemade chipset project. The chipset might be dubbed as a ‘gChips’. Although, whatever you can call it right now. Furthermore, the company has announced that there are four open positions in Bengaluru for this project. So, in the end, Google will have a team of a total of 80 employees to work on gChips.

Right now, there is nothing clear about the chip type. But, if this will be a processor chip then Google could soon join the Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. These companies are installing own designed chips inside their smartphones.

But, what will be the benefit?

Simple, more tighten integration of software and hardware. As we know, Google is right now the supplier of the Android operating system to other smartphone manufacturers. That means, if Google will make its own chips, it can make better bind between the software and hardware.

In addition, the company can also design chips to install in their smartphone home devices so that can listen and understand voice commands better than right now. Already Google has proved by installing Titan M security chip in their Pixel 3 device that prevents anyone by entering your phone without your password.

Also, the last two generation Pixel devices boast Pixel Visual Core that processes HDR+ images five times faster than normal processors. Google will start working on gChips by 2019. Now, it remains to see what gChip actually is — a processing chip, security chip, image processing chip.

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