Google Paid $112,500 to A Hacker For Finding Bug That Could Hack Android




Do you know about the Bug Bounty Program? If not then you might not get an idea about this article. Don’t worry I am just kidding. Recently Google paid $112,500 to a Hacker to find the bug in the Android operating system that could hack your Android device. Normally we have listened to a news of evil things that hacker does but not all hackers do these evil things.  Some hackers work under the huge company’s Bug Bounty Program.

Bug Bounty Program

This is the program in which the huge deal offered to the hackers or you can say the person finds the bugs by the software developers. Bugs include the especially those which creates the different exploits and vulnerabilities in software. This program allows the developers to discover and resolve the bugs before their software users (mainly general public) get face any incidents. Bug Bounty Programs have been implemented by a large number of companies includes the Google, Reddit, Microsoft, Facebook, Mozilla, etc.

Google Paid $112,500

Recently Google has paid a huge amount of $112,500 to the security researcher who has found the critical flaw in the Google Pixel Smartphone. As per mentioned in the GoogleBlog the name of the researcher is Guang Gong, who is from Qihoo 360 Technology. He reported the two bugs: CVE-2017-5116 and CVE-2017-14904 can create Critical Chain Flow which could affect the Google’s Official Pixel Smartphones via Google’s Reward Program.

Guang Gong said this both bugs can be used together to inject any malicious code into the Google Pixel Smartphone remotely. Not only that but it can also be used to inject on any other Android’s system_server process whenever the user clicks on the malicious URL in chrome. When users click on the malicious URL, hackers can gain full control to push the malware or spy on mobile device activity.

Google has paid the $105,000 to him as a reward and with that, he got the bonus $7500 which makes the total of $112,500. So, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.




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