Next Generation Pixel Devices Might Get Google’s Own Chipset




Have you ever heard about the Google’s new chipset? Yes, Google is working on its own chipset that is already packed in the second generation pixel devices to improve the overall performance of the phone. Google is planning to implement this new custom made chipsets in their upcoming pixel devices instead of Qualcomm Snapdragon.

As I said earlier Google has already packed this chipset in their recently launched second-generation Pixel devices, however, it was not launched publicly. This new Google’s custom-made chipset has real ability to deliver the even more power to the mobile phone parts. This chip mainly focused on the camera performance. It captures the pictures even more details. So overall it improves the user camera experience. Furthermore, this chip has designed such way that it can easily compile the HDR+ images with the fast speed by consuming the less energy.

You can see the arrangement of the image above which shows the Google Pixel Visual Core. Well, we can say nowadays there is huge competition in the mobile phone market. Comparing the last few devices of the Google and Apple, both are doing great in the market. Apple’s iPhones always performs well that’s because Apple devices have well-integrated hardware with the software and Google want to do the same. Well, integration of the hardware and software makes the phone able to perform any task.

Google new custom made chipset is still in the production so it will definitely take some more time to get fully implemented in the Pixel devices. However, till then the Snapdragon will supply the chipsets to the Google for their upcoming Pixel phones.

Google is carrying out some new things. If you know a couple of days back we have written an article on its new operating system called the “FuchsiaOS” which Google planning to provide in the smartphones because Google has already released the FuchsiaOS Beta update in their Pixel Books.




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