Google’s ‘Chat’ Will Make ‘Messaging’ Even More Better!

Chat will not be a different application!




Google’s upcoming ‘Chats’ will be the big answer to the recent ‘Messaging’ app problem. Google is planning to introduce some of the exciting and biggest changes in their recent Messaging application which works on Android platform. The company will add the new service which will be called as a ‘Chat’.

Chat: Android Messaging Feature

As per mentioned in the Verge’s article, Google will bring its new messaging service soon which will work on the same standards as the Apple’s iMessage works. Undoubtedly it will differ from the Google’s previous messaging services like Google Allo, Hangouts, and Android Messages, where the user can chat but with some limited amount of feature. However, as time gone, the users are now using the third-party applications available on the Google Play Store for messaging.

Here we should note that Google’s Chat will not be any kind of application. Just like the Apple’s iMessage which is a part of Apple’s Messages application, Google’s Chat will be the one kind of part of their existing Android Messaging application. The new ‘Chat’ feature will be based on the Rich Communication Services standards. In simple word, like the WhatsApp application. Under the RCS standards, the user will be able to get those all basic features like read receipts, group messaging and the status of other like he/she is online or typing, etc.

With the new Chat feature, the messaging cost will be the only user’s data plan. So, here it is clear the cost will be determined by the carrier which you will use on your Android device. But, definitely, it will be the cheaper than a single SMS. According to the report, Google will soon make this feature available publicly in their existing Android Messaging application.



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