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Who knows customization tricks very well than an Android mobile phone user? There are much more ways available now to completely change your device user interface. People may think about the Custom ROM – which unlocks everything without rooting your Android device. However, there are some applications available which unlocks the way of customization without installing even custom ROMs.

Andromeda: Rootless Backend

Majority of people love stock Android because of its simple user interface and nature of not to eat many resources. However, some mobile phone makers like Xiaomi, Sony, and Samsung provides the theme support that you can apply from their stores. However, for the Stock Android user, it is limited to use only one UI unless the user is not willing to root device or install the Custom ROM.

Image: XDA Developers

For the Android Oreo user now the customization way opened without installing any Custom ROM and rooting your device because it supports theme engines and using that you can apply various themes like Substratum which is freely available on the Google Play Store. That allows the user to apply themes to their installed Android applications. This removes the option of the custom ROM. However, it works on the rooted device. But to use it on unrooted device user can install the add-on on their Android device. Andromeda is the add-on which is currently on sale with 50% off in its price. You can download it from the Google Play Store. The offer is valid until February 19, 2018.


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Andromeda | Substratum

How to Use?

To run the Andromeda on your Android device you have to follow some steps. Firstly you will need to connect your device to your computer over Android Debug Bridge which works to grant the root access to Substratum. After then it will run some commands on your device which are necessary to run Andromeda and once all the required commands run successfully Substratum application will start to work exactly like it should run on the rooted device.

I have given a small explanation for quick information but you should definitely check XDA Developer forum for further information and step by step guide. Here’s a link for that. They have given excellent step-by-step information.


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Features You Can Get!

Image: XDA Developers

  • Full system dark theme, including Settings, Quick Settings tiles, notifications, alerts/dialogs/toast windows, etc.
  • Per-app themes, such as a dark Play Store/Twitter/Messages, or changing all of the green in the Hangouts app to blue
  • Minimal lock screen, which allows me to hide the status bar and all shortcut icons to show off my beautiful lock screen wallpaper
  • Custom nav bar icons, I am able to pick through a plethora of available nav bar icon packs such as the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
  • Whatsapp/Telegram blob emojis, in other words, the ability to change fonts/emojis on a per-app basis
  • Whatsapp chat bubble theme, because why not? The power of Substratum themes is that you can customize even small aspects of individual apps.
  • Rounded recent, you can round the corners of the recent app screen thumbnails.
  • Change the number of Quick Setting tile columns, rather than only 3 columns I can customize it to have more or less than that.



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