Here’s A Tool That Finds and Hacks Vulnerable Devices




When it comes to the smartphone, have you ever think about its security? I think no. Yes, we secure our daily driver with the password but now I am talking about the hacking security. Generally, people afraid when they listen to the word “Hacked”. Nowadays security of smartphone is the important thing that we should always monitor during our daily usage.

To keep the Android smartphones even more secured Google releases the Security patch updates on monthly bases. If we don’t keep our smartphone up to date with the updates there may be chances that anyone can hack your device easily and it is possible by the one script called the AutoSploit.

What is AutoSploit?

AutoSploit is the set of the hacking tools that usually used by every hacker. This AutoSploit having a script is stronger than the others and by using this script you can create 95% damage to victims device. The reason why every hacker use this script that because it completely works automatically. Once it attacks the victim’s device, the AutoSploit automatically spreads itself in the whole device and searches for the device vulnerabilities. After that, it automatically decides the type of attacks which is appropriate for the device and hacker can get the higher advantage.

Well, the whole script contains the different functioning tools. Using this script hackers can combine the Shodan with the Metasploit and as a benefit it allows the hacker to perform the different test on the device in order to find the possible exploitable vulnerabilities in the victim’s device.

However, to use this script there should be an advanced knowledge of the hacking. If it has more another hacking tools then it may become easy to hack any device for him within minutes.

If you want more details then you should definitely go to the GitHub Page, where you will find all the details regarding this tool. So what do you think about this? Let us know in the comment box!





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