How to Extend Jio Prime for Another 12 Months for Free




Reliance Jio has decided to extend the Jio Prime for another 12 months on the complimentary basis for their existing Jio Prime users who have already paid for Rs. 99 membership fees before March 31, 2018. Well, according to their terms and condition this includes all the Jio Prime users who don’t have bought a Prime again after the one payment. So, if you are a Jio user and have made payment after April 1, 2018, they will not be eligible for this offer. According to the rules they have to pay Rs. 99 to extend the Jio Prime membership.

The on-going Jio Prime membership is going to end today on March 31, 2018. So, here is the method to extend Jio Prime subscription for another 12 months for free.

Steps to Follow

#1. You are Jio user so it is obvious you have installed ‘My Jio’ application on your Android device. All you have to do is, open My Jio application.

#2. On the top, you will see the red bar where you will read ‘Congratulations, Extend Jio Prime for A Year Free!’ Next, to this message, you will see button says ‘Get Now.‘ Tap on that.

#3. On the next screen, you will see your number and ‘Proceed’ button. Verify your number and tap on ‘Proceed’ to extend your Jio Prime Membership offer.



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