How to Remove Bloatware from MIUI [No Need of Command Prompt, Root, Unlocked Bootloader]




Whenever you purchase a new Xiaomi device, you get a ton of bloatware installed on your device and admit it you want to uninstall them but some apps you cannot because there is no uninstall button in app management settings. You might think it will require the root access or bootloader unlocked to remove bloatware and you take back steps.

Well, it is easy to remove bloatware from MIUI. And there is no need of Root, Unlocked Bootloader and even no need to use command prompt on your computer. Because there is another method where you have to give some commands using ADB tools to remove bloatware. So, the method is pretty simple. Make sure you follow steps correctly.

Video Tutorial

Uninstall Bloatware from MIUI

01. First things first, enable developer options on your Android.

Go to Settings -> About phone -> Tap 7 times on ‘MIUI version‘. You will get a message of You are now a developer!

02. Enable USB Debugging in Developer options.

Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options -> Turn on USB Debugging.

03. Download JAVA SE Development Kit on your computer.

  • Go to the development kit download page.
  • Download according to your system. For Windows, Linux or MacOS. Make sure you have to download .exe file instead of .ZIP file in case of Windows.
  • Now, complete the installation process on your computer.

04. Download the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tool.

  • Click onto this link to go on ADB/Fastboot tool download page.
  • Download the file having an extension .jar.

05. Once downloaded, open that .jar file. If your computer asks a dialogue box that might show you software to choose to open that file, then select the Java SE Development software. You should get the following screen after it opened. 

06. Connect your device using a USB cable. You will get a pop-up on your device screen asking for authorization. Just tap on ok.

It will automatically detect your device and show you the list of applications installed.

07. Just select the applications you want to uninstall and click on the Uninstall button located below. It will uninstall apps from MIUI.

Hope you liked this method. But still, if you are facing any problem. You can leave a comment below.



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