How to Stop Google from Tracking Your Data




So, You want to stop Google tracking you? It’s not that easy task to get rid of google. You will face trouble trying out different apps and there are a lot of things that you can’t do without Google. So, Can you really get rid of Google? Yes, There is a way. Let’s have a look at it.


Android, or the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), is led by Google, which maintains and further develops the codebase, as an open-source software project. Google markets its maintenance and progression of the project as part of their belief that everyone can and should have access to the internet.

This is partially true. Expect the good things Android is Open Source. It’s more or less business, Google is making it’s 90% revenue from advertising.

AOSP is Android without Google, In China, Google apps are not allowed, they are using their own apps like Baidu. But its more or less the same. In China, Baidu is tracking peoples activity.

How to Stop Google Tracking Your Data?


#1. Use Custom ROM with NO GAPPS

If you can, you should download and install a custom ROM on android device. It’s safer to use and better user experience with the latest version. This ROM’s doesn’t let Google tracks you because there is no Google Apps in it. Make sure there will be no playstore so how do you download an app? keep reading…

#2. Stop using Google Chrome

Firefox is a great alternative to google chrome. Chrome tracks your each and every activity to target relevant advertise. Firefox tracks almost no data and there is an extension that will block all the ads.

#3. Yalp Store Instead Play Store

yalp store is just like play store. Instead of installing apps it downloads apk and later on, you can install it on your device. It’s a great alternative to the playstore you can use it.

#4. Always Use VPN

VPN is the key to hide yourself from the internet. Before you go to the store and download VPN make sure this some famous VPN sends your data to the government. So, download that VPN which are not US based and my recommendation is Opera VPN.

#5. Use AFWall+ from Xposed

Some of the apps ask for the permission to use. So whenever it asks for the permission it shows fake permission to keep your data safe.

#6. Keep Location, NFC Off

Keep your location, Wi-Fi or NFC off when not in use. It continuously tracks all your location, especially Google Maps. Stop using google maps and use Here or some other apps.

So, These are 6 steps that will make user safe and stGooglegle from tracking you.



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