Recently Whatsapp launched “WhatsApp Business” for the people who want to do business on WhatsApp. This app made easy for those peoples who are selling their products on WhatsApp. There are many accounts verified on WhatsApp like bookmyshow, ola, goibibo, etc.

Facebook gives a blue verified badge to identify original accounts. Just like that WhatsApp started rolling out this feature. Let me tell you general people or small business can’t get verified badge on their business account.

To get the verified badge on WhatsApp account is not that easy you are thinking. WhatsApp made a really strict rule for that. WhatsApp clearly says your WhatsApp account which is made for the business purpose should be a popular brand which needs to have popular or notable by the people.

Currently, Whatsapp is not giving the verified badge to all WhatsApp business accounts. whenever you make business accounts on WhatsApp, WhatsApp will check your phone number and if phone number matches the phone number which is used for their business then WhatsApp may give the verified badge to that account.

There is some plus point of WhatsApp business account like once you have used profile picture on your business account then no one will be able to use the same picture for there profile. furthermore, it helps to provide customer’s useful information. This information can include your business website, your business address and your business hours.

So, that is why to get a verified badge on WhatsApp is not easy just like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter on which you can get verified badge next to your name just with a huge fan following.  So why you want verified badge on your business account? Let us know in comments below.