In upcoming year foldable smartphone could be the future. Smartphone manufacturers are now taking their steps toward the new technology. Starting with the Samsung, well, Samsung CEO has already confirmed at CES, the company will launch a foldable smartphone in upcoming year which will be called as Galaxy X. It is true that people want bigger screen mobile phones. It makes comfortable to watch videos, read books and surf on the web. Okay, apart from this after the Samsung, now its Huawei’s turn.

Huawei has filed the patent for the foldable display. It was filed on September 19, 2017. But it was not unveiled. However, it is now made available on the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) website. The patent is shown in the image. It is clear that Huawei’s future foldable phone is completely different from the ZTE Axon M. ZTE Axon M have two separate displays which can be folded by the provided hinge.

Huawei’s patent image confirms that the future Huawei foldable smartphone will not have the separate display. It will have the one single display which can be folded. When user will unfold it, it will behave like a tablet. So, the there user can take both advantages of the tablet as well a smartphone. When it is folded it is obvious it will behave like an ordinary smartphone of full display. The patent shows almost everything. The display is shown using the blue color. Under which there will be hinge provided. So, it is undoubted there will be the only one single flexible display which can be folded easily.

Well, at this moment we do not know when this Huawei mobile phone will hit the market. However, according to some predictions, it should hit the mobile market in the upcoming year 2019.

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