Hygrobots: Robots that Powered by The Moisture




Robots – Probably we can define as a machine that helps to get work done or reduces human efforts. Mostly we have seen the Robots runs on battery power. We have to charge them over a certain period of time. But do you ever think about the Robots those can get powered by the moisture?

The tiny robots are made by the Researchers of the Seoul National University which is in South Korea. These tiny robots are future robots which will get fuel from the moisture. When these robots are in the open environment they are designed such way that they absorb the humidity from their surrounding environment and it is forwarded to their body.

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Because the moisture gives the power to the robots, they are named as a “Hygrobots”. Which can wriggle back and forth, can crawl and twist like a snake. These robots are very well described by the university researchers this week in the Journal Science Robotics. They have said that these robots can do the so much help in the medical. It can be used for the variety of applications that mainly includes the delivering of the different drugs into the human body.

Researchers got the inspiration to make this Robots from the plants. As we all know plants can change the shape and size by absorbing the water. The phenomenon is known as a Hydro expansion. Similarly, these robots do the mimicry like the plants. The robots are not made of the plant material though.

A hygrobot coated with antibiotics crawled across a bacteria-ridden culture plate, sterilizing it without any artificial power sources.

This Hygrobot is made out of the Nanofibers. It has two layers; one of them absorbs the moisture various other layer doesn’t absorb. So when this tiny robot is placed on the wet surface, their layers becomes active and absorbing layer expands and they shoots the bot up, goes away from the surface. When it comes to the contact of the dry layer both layers come back and it again repeats the cycle. This is the complete process helps the bot to move.

To make robots which are powered by the moisture is valuable. Moisture is the all-natural source.





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