Instagram is Implementing Video Call Feature




Instagram is well-known socialization platform. They always try to give new features to their user. Recently Instagram launched their new feature which is show activity status.

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As per the news came from trusted source Instagram team is all set to work on its new feature which will be a video call. The new icon will be available to the navigation bar of each chat. This feature will be immediately available once a  user opens the chat. A user will only able to make a video call if the next person has accepted chat invitation.

The user will be able to make a video call just by tapping a video call option just like the WhatsApp. This is not enabled yet so all we can do now is wait. So even if you update the app you cant access the feature now.

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This feature is under development for now and will be enabled on Instagram next month, so you can just update the Instagram app and can access this feature. Video call feature will be available for both Android and iOS from next month.

So are you excited about this feature or you just think Instagram is making a mistake? Let us know in comments below.



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