Instagram is very popular across the youngster and growing day by day. Recently at the developer conference, Mark announced that Instagram will have video calling feature.

There are a bunch of features Instagram is working on like whenever you take a screenshot on Instagram will notify the user who posted a photo. Another feature is video calling and This feature will be immediately enabled when a user opens up a chat. This feature is still in beta and not available for all the users.

Recently, We got some info about Instagram now supports Picture in Picture mode. There could be several reasons behind it. Maybe for the video calling Instagram will be providing Picture in Picture mode. So users no longer need to be in the app to do a video calling.

The permission is already taken on the Android device so this feature can be launch anytime. But PiP doesn’t work as of now when we tried in the Instagram App. From the App side, it’s still disabled.

We still cant use Instagram in a split-screen mode for several reasons so that would be awesome if Instagram works on it and give this feature to their users.

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