Xiaomi released mia1 a few months back in collaboration with Google on Android one project. This is xiaomi’s first smartphone which came with stock android and not its own MIUI. This device is the hit nowadays mostly because of stock android and portrait camera.

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Android One is the project created for a mid-range smartphone to provide everyone stock android. This is the launcher created by Google especially for the MiA1 devices. This launcher is exclusive to the MiA1 device so you cant use that until someone ported it.

Amir Zaidi, who goes by the name AmirZ on Reddit, has now released a rootless port of Android One launcher. He is the same user who also released a rootless port of Google’s Pixel launcher earlier.

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How to Get Android One Launcher on Your Android:

  1. Download the APK from Here
  2. Set the Launcher as Default.

Please note that it is not possible to use pixel launcher and Android one launcher at the same time so uninstall one of the launchers to work the other.

There is a slight difference in both pixel and android one launcher so if you wish to try pixel launcher you can do that by simply visiting Reddit post and follow the instruction.

This launcher looks like a stock android launcher or nova launcher and it will give the same feel. Rest of the thing will remain unchanged. This launcher required Android 6.0+ to work on Android devices. It will not work android device version below 6.0 marshmallow.

Hope it helps to get what you want. Let us know in comments below which is your favorite launcher.