Are the iOS 11 bugs are now so common, they now appear in Apple official advertisement? Recently Apple uploaded their “Unlock” Ad on YouTube. A lady have iPhone X. She unlocks everything with her face. At end she receives the multiple messages. iPhone makes a group of messages. When she tries to expand it, the little bug has been spotted there. An iMessage escapes the animated bubble where it supposed to stay inside it. But what makes me surprised, it is captured in such high profile advertisement.

This advertisement video is present on the YouTube. The bug is not the major. It just minor issue and Apple will fix it soon. But what makes sense, why Apple didn’t brush it off in Advertisement. This bug was first spotted on 9to5Mac. It’s writer Benjamin Mayo found this bug in Apple’s Ad first. He got surprised because he has already filed this bug report with the Apple. But still, it is present in Apple advertisement.

Apple iOS 11 is not smooth as it should be. There are so many bugs spotted in the iOS 11. If we go through this update reports, people are showing frustration on this new update. This bug is just one of the many quick and small problems like misaligned texts in the App Store, rotation issues, User Interface problem in iOS 11 music application, etc.

For Apple, it is easy to brush off this all bugs from the iOS 11 because these bugs are not part of their security bugs. As recently, on all over the internet, there was news of one special character that was causing app crashes on the iOS device. But the presence of such type of bugs makes the user experience annoying. I have attached a link to the open letter written by Chris Pirillo to Craig Federighi who is software engineer chief at Apple. Chris has clearly mentioned in the letter that “iOS has been performing in an inexplicably jarring manner since iOS 7. Iterations don’t seem to help much, major or minor. Frame drops are now par for the course – irritations that we once slammed Android for.

Open Letter

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