New JEDEC UFC 3.0 Features Lower Power Consumption and Faster Speed




Have you ever used Universal Flash Storage? Universal Flash Storage is on the way to get even better performance. To transfer the data even faster it needs the better power source. However, lower power consumption with the better performance is the I think best UFS you should purchase.

JEDEC has done the same in its latest Universal Flash Storage — UFC 3.0. This all-new UFS has the so many notable improvements which is made to bring the faster performance in the market. JEDEC released some specifications for UFS 3.0. It looks like that it is the upgradation of their UFC 2.1 which features the lower power consumption and faster speed.

So now the question comes that what are the actual specifications of this new UFC 3.0. I know you are eagerly waiting to know. Well, this all-new JEDEC UFC 3.0 doubles the bandwidth comparing to its last one which was 11.6 Gbps. Now it is capable to take it to the on the top level which is 23.2 Gbps. Furthermore, it introduces the 2.5 V VCC power supply mode. That mean this UFC 3.0 will consume very less power comparing to the older once.

Now there are benefits to use this new JEDEC UFC 3.0 in the smartphone which will significantly increase the total speed of the phone as JEDEC claims of the transfer rate of 23.2 Gbps. Users will get rid from the older one slower which also consumes the higher power to get the work done.

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