Join Our Team

Right Brothers is waiting for some tech geeks who can share their thoughts with our viewers by writing articles. If you are one of them you can apply to become an article writer for our community. This post doesn’t require any writing experience. So, don’t worry, just apply today as an article writer* if you are a tech geek.

What Will You Get?

  1. Incentives. (If you have written 60 articles in 6 months.)
  2. Products for review.
  3. We will show your name as an author in every article published by you with your social media handles.

Our Requirements

  1. You must have to be active on social media.
  2. You have to join in our workspace and for that, you have to download the app Telegram.
  3. You must have to keep your self-updated with technology and news.
  4. You have to share and discuss everything in our workspace.

Ready? Apply here >

*This job is non-profitable but as we have mentioned you will get incentives for the certain period of time.