Keeper Game: Not Impressive

Pay for an Ad-Free experience but play with Ads!




Android games are drastically increasing. Tons of games are available in the number of different categories. But the fact, is the game really makes fun? I am here with my own experience with this new game named as a “Keeper“.

Keeper game is developed by Voodoo company. It comes under the Action category. Starting from the game concept. I am playing this game for just 2 days. I am pretty impressed with the game concept. In the game, the developer has provided the baby monster and above it, there is a circle which you have to use to protect this mini baby monster from the obstacles which are falling down. There are several shaped obstacles like line, square, and circles. They will keep continuously falling down from the top.

After installing a game I found some strange things. Those are the permissions for what you will be asked. As I have attached the screenshot below, the game asked me for three permissions – Storage, Location, and Telephone. I can understand the first two permissions. Storage permission is necessary in order to create cache file data and to save the “video Google Ads”. Second, the Location permission is used to show the relevant Google Ads according to my location. But surprisingly there is third one permission: Telephone. The exact reason I do not know behind these that why this game wants to manage my device phone calls!

General Trivia: Games who shows the video ads, they all videos are saved to your device memory. Yes, this is surprising. Most of you people even do not know about this. For that head over to the internal storage> Android> data> com.ConstantPouliquen.Keeper> Files> alĀ (in my case). I have attached screenshot below.


My game experience is you can say almost nothing. I mean yes, I am playing this game for the 2 days but, I have to do nothing with this game. It is super simple to play. You can make “super high score”. In the game, you have to protect that little mini baby monster using the provided circle. So, to protect it just keep that circle as it is in the middle position. You do not have to touch it and move it. There is very less number of cases in which you will need to move it. Without touching that circle I managed to do my high score around 196. So, now you can imagine how easy to make such high scores!

The game contains the ads and to get the ad-free experience you have to pay Rs. 170 to the developer. Which is a quite large amount. However, it is not sure you will get complete ad-free experience after paying it. Because there are some reviews on the Google Play Store in which people complaining about not getting Ad-free experience even they have paid.



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