Lenovo Has Banned Bootloader Unlocking for Their Phones After Release of LineageOS




Yes, we know Lenovo has owned Motorola company. The mobile phone market almost forgetting Lenovo mobile phone brand. Of course, Motorola mobile phones are doing well in the market.

Lenovo has recently banned the bootloader unlocking for their mobile phones. Lenovo has broken down all those connection which connects their mobile phones to their server. One person on Reddit claims, Lenovo shut down the connection to the server and because of that the Lenovo mobile phone user now won’t be able to upgrade their mobile phone firmware.

Yes, it is surprising. This is really bad news for all of them who were planning to install the custom ROM on their Lenovo devices. It is never going to be possible to flash the ROMs without unlocking the bootloader of your phone. The company has even turned off the server used by the users to install updates provided by the company itself. For the phones which comes with the Android 6.0 (Marshmellow), it will be not possible to upgrade it to latest stock ROM (Android 7.0 or later).

A person named phanigondi95 in Lenovo forums has uploaded a screenshot. He is trying to unlock the bootloader in his Lenovo P2 device. Lenovo prompts on his mobile phone and says, “LenovoID without permission.” Even though he got the mail for the Lenovo Sign Up verification and he has clicked on the link, where it says, “Your registration is complete.”

Later on, in reply, everyone is complaining about this problem. Lenovo P8 users are not able to unlock the bootloader even though they have verified their LenovoID. A one person has already applied the request for the bootloader unlocking and he waited for the 14 days. But after 14 days he is also getting the same message. “Lenovo support is useless, I was told to post a message on the community forum. It is a very frustrating situation when you have to wait 14 days and then finally you can’t unlock it, because suddenly my id Lenovo is no more recognized, despite that it works on Lenovo’s website.”, he said.



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