Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts Spotted on “YouTube” Ads




Cryptocurrencies are now in news everywhere on the internet. When it comes to these type of virtual currencies, some country has already announced them illegal. Mining of cryptocurrency using the another person’s properties is not the legal. However, hackers mostly do the mining of cryptocurrency using the malicious scripts. That basically attacks the other people’s resources and uses their CPU and they cannot even imagine what is happening on their computer.

YouTube is the giant video platform nowadays. It gets the billions of visitors every day and that’s because this time YouTube ads hit the malicious code for the cryptocurrency mining. From the last couple of hours, some YouTube users were literally complaining about their bad YouTube website experience. When a user watches any video on YouTube and some ads appear on the desktop on the right side having the malicious script which consumes the 80% of the CPU power for mining.

Pic By Diego Betto on Twitter Shows the Malicious Script Spotted byThe Avast Antivirus

The storm of user complains about the YouTube performance was spotted by the Ars Technica. The antivirus in the computer identified the Ads coming up on the desktop screen while watching the video which consists of the malicious CoinHive scripts used for the cryptocurrency mining. Which consumes almost all power of the CPU of the user and even user cannot find the problem.

After that Trend Micro confirmed and as a result, they found the mining scripts in the ads. To inform everyone Trend Micro made a note on the results. They said there were hackers behind these all malicious coding ads those were abusing the Google’s Ad network. However, hackers have not decided to show these ads in all over the world. They targeted some selected countries. It includes the Taiwan, Spain, Japan, Italy, and France.

Trend Micro found the two different mining Javascript based on the CoinHive which consumes almost 80% of total power of the users’ CPU to get the work done. Trend Micro has said every one to use the anti-virus on their computers. To keep users safe Opera has taken some strict steps by adding the Ad-Blocker in their browser that blocks the Ads from the website. However, we should always keep our self far from the untrusted websites.

Trend Micro | Ars Technica



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