A Man Bites iPhone Battery in China to Check it is Fake or Not, Phone Explodes!




From the last couple of users are not feeling satisfied with Apple latest iOS 11 update. You may have heard about the lawsuit cases. Apple has finally decided to provide the Button in upcoming iOS update scheduled on the March that will let you get rid of the lower performance of iPhone.

Apple’s every single product is known in the market because of its top-notch quality includes every part whether it is display, chipset or a build quality of their products. But when it comes to the provide the fuel to their working product “Battery” is the thing which is necessary to have a good health. There have been few cases of a battery exploding in the iPhones in the past.

As per the reports, recently there was a case happened in the china of exploding a battery and after that here’s another case. The explosion video shows the explosion of Apple iPhone in the shop. There was a man standing next to the salesman in the mobile phone shop.

Video shows, he takes the iPhone in his hand and puts it into his mouth to check the Battery condition. Is it fake or not. He puts the mobile in his mouth and as soon as he takes iPhone off from his mouth it explodes. The explosion was large, however, no one got harmed in the shop from them because of this explosion.

You can also watch the video by clicking here. We suggest you take care if you buying a refurbished devices or second-hand devices to use.

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