Mark Zukerberg Regrets, says Sorry for Accessing 50 Million Users Data




You might have heard about the controversy involving Cambridge Andlytica, which is a political consulting firm connected with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. This firm improperly obtained and exploited personal data from 50 million Facebook users. Whatsapp Co-founder also gave a statement that “It’s time to delete the FaceBook.”

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg spoke with Newyork time reporters about the controversy and the steps he was taking to make the social network less prone to abuse.

A reporter asked the question that, Did it come as a surprise to you, the user response to the news that Cambridge Analytica had accessed this trove of data?

Mark Zuckerberg said in reply that “Privacy issues have always been incredibly important to people. One of our biggest responsibilities is to protect data. If you think about what our services are, at their most basic level, you put some content into a service, whether it’s a photo or a video or a text message — whether it’s Facebook or WhatsApp or Instagram — and you’re trusting that that content is going to be shared with the people you want to share it with. Whenever there’s an issue where someone’s data gets passed to someone who the rules of the system shouldn’t have allowed it to, that’s rightfully a big issue and deserves to be a big uproar.”

You can watch the full video in which Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the controversy.

Ultimately, he said, he’s learned from his missteps.

“That’s the commitment that I try to have inside our company, and for our community.”



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