Mi A1 Charges Macbook Pro when connected with USB-C




Reddit user had an issue that when he connects Mi A1 to MacBook Pro, It charges his MacBook Pro. He chooses the MTP mode but still, it was charging MacBook Pro. This connection was not allowed to transfer file between both devices. At that time battery was 90%.

This seems like a major issue with MacBook Pro. A few months back Mike Murphy reported same issue with his Nintendo switch. When Nintendo switch is connected to MacBook pro It charges Mackbook Pro from Nintendo Switch.

There is some user who suggested him to try different connection but none of them worked for him. He is not getting a notification about that so that Option can be chosen from that.

When a battery goes down to 50% all thing works as intended. Media was transferring and also battery was charging but as mentioned When the mobile battery was more than 90% then Macbook Consuming power from a device which is not the fair thing and also It was not allowing Media Transfer.

There is something that I think will work, He can use USB-A to USB-C dongle and that will work. He can also install Android file Transfer Software occupied less than 1mb space, This software will overcome most of the errors with USB-C Mobile device.

So Many devices facing the same issue like Nintendo switch and Mi A1 and both use USB-C so MacBook Pro seems to have an issue with USB-C device connection. Let’s see if this will be resolved in near future.

If you own Xiaomi Mi A1 and MacBook Pro Let us know if you facing the same issue or not. Not all users having the same issue, only a few people have the same issue So don’t worry if you’re planning to buy one.



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