One of the Biggest Tech YouTube channels brings a Camera Comparison of the 3 Best Camera device which are Mix 2s, iPhone X & S9. The results were unbelievable. Before we guess the picture and look at the results let’s first take a look at the benchmark scores.

DxO Score

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S:

  • Photo: 101
  • Video: 88
  • Overall: 97

Apple iPhone X:

  • Photo: 101
  • Video: 89
  • Overall: 97

Samsung Galaxy S9+:

  • Photo: 104
  • Video: 91
  • Overall: 99

Overall Samsung is winning here but iPhone and Xiaomi is not far behind they also got a pretty good score. To perform in real life DxO score is not always matter so let’s take a look at some of the sample from the C4eTech video.

Let me tell you, A is iPhone X, B is Mix 2s & C is S9+.

Daylight Shots:

in my opinion, iPhone X has better Camera in the daylight. 

Portrait Shots:

in my opinion, Mi Mix 2s has better Camera in the Portrait shots.

Low Light Shots:

in my opinion, Samsung Galaxy S9 has better Camera in low light because of variable aperture.

Best Video Camera:

in my opinion, Mi Mix 2s & iPhone X both doing well in video shooting.

You have seen Galaxy S9 got the highest DxO score but didn’t perform well in a blind test. So DxO score doesn’t always matter. This are just my opinions let me know in comments which camera you liked most.

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