New iOS 11 Bug Redirects User to Malicious Website




After the special character bug hit headlines, another bug discovered in new iOS 11 updates. People are not in real feeling unsatisfied with the whole iOS 11 updates. New bugs are coming to light every another day. This new bug is in the iOS 11 Stock camera application.

The new update contains some bug fixes and security enhancements. Furthermore, Apple has now given the new ability to the Stock camera application. The camera is now able to detect the QR codes automatically which contains the link and it shows the preview of that link o the device screen.

The recent report of InfoSec suggests, the new feature is not working properly as it should do. A new bug allows users to change the URL of the QR code. So, whenever anyone open, the user will actually get redirected to the changed URL.

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According to the reports, this new bug in iOS 11 update creates some unsuspecting hostname like or in device’s notification panel. It creates the different URL when any users open it in Safari application. The InfoSec has found one malicious URL. When they scanned QR code they got the URL of But, in actual it was https://xxx\[email protected]/. So, scanning the QR code displays the unsuspecting websites like,, etc. but when users do click, the link becomes totally different which is not even connected with that hostname. The report says this is because “The URL parser of the camera app has a problem here detecting the hostname in this URL in the same way as Safari does.

Recently, there was a new bug found. It was privacy vulnerability in which Siri was reading lock screen notifications loudly without unlocking iPhone. Well, Apple has promised to fix this bug as soon as possible.



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